Bioelectronics Corp.

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BioElectronics Corporation is a leading company in the non-invasive electroceutical medical devices stream. The headquarters of the company are in Frederick, Maryland, USA. The medical devices manufactured by the company are used in many high-quality clinical trials. The devices are used for pain management, ankle and foot surgery journals, rheumatology, plastic surgery aesthetics and much more. The reason for chronic pain is the problem in central body system causing the persistent high reactivity state. It makes the amplification of the pain even after the healing process begins. Chronic pain is sometimes related to peripheral tissue injury and the electromagnetic signals of ActiPatch stimulate neuromodulation of nerves to reduce the perception of pain. The aim of ActiPatch therapy is to improve physical activity, sleeping pattern and the overall life quality.
Bioelectronics Corporation manufacturers, develops, markets and sells the safe and cheaper devices for controlling the chronic pain. This pain relief is superior to the pain relief attained with cold or hot therapies or painkillers. There are analysis made on the regular basis to attain pain relief and management techniques. The chronic pain management is viable for the knee, back, musculoskeletal problems and menstrual pain. The drug-free pain management is something required by the company for accelerating healing without getting excessive pain. The new product opportunities floated by the company are in series and it is apprehending the shareholders to keep a track for the stock symbol BIEL.
BioElectronics received ‘Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award’ in the year 2009. The OTC Bulletin (a leading UK-based Healthcare Marketing Publication) marked AntiPatch as the most innovative new OTC product. The company has a very positive position in the healthcare market. It is a safer alternative from other sources of pain management. In the early stages, the product can be used for 24 hours a day and then within a few days, it is required for 6-24 hours (as needed). ActiPatch users even use overnight therapy in the highly chronic cases. There is no sensation felt from ActiPatch and it is a safe way to proceed with other medications and prescriptions.
The 52-week stock price range of BioElectronics Corporation is $ 0.00040- $ 0.0050. The top quality products have international certifications associated with them (CE, Health Canada, NEMKO, and others). The medical devices are clinically proven and recommended by many doctors. There is top quality management staffing and sales representatives associated with the company and the products are definitely the best for pain relief. The products focus on solving the pain sources instead of giving a temporary relief for the same. This innovative technology gives a hope for many investors to check out the company for this significant way of handling the chronic pain.
The distributors of the company are selling the products in different territories and spreading the benefits of chronic pain management products offered by the company. The investors are into a hope that this newest and innovative structure offered by the company would require some time to set into the minds of users. Once the products start getting visibility among people in pain and control their pain, the company will have a great presence in the market with its innovation and exclusive technology.