Looking for penny stocks to invest in this March?

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There are plenty of them around, and we chose three, in particular, you may want to do more research. Sure, there is no guarantee of these three dividends on Mars, but worth keeping an eye on all forms.

A title that seems particularly promising – and also appeared on the lists of many people of the people to keep an eye on – is BYSD. This action is part of the Bayside Oil Company. The last operation of this population was 0.25, but in January it was 0.20 at one point before the shooting in 0.63 per share. Since it is always displayed on the recommendations for action for the penny stock market, we believe that it is always useful to keep a eye itself, pushed back.

On the way we’re going to see what might be useful to review in March 2010. Beware NNLX results – is the brand of Nanologix Inc. This increase steadily throughout 2009, but was trading at 0.49, the last day of the information we have. November 16 reached 0.62 year past, but so far this year has been fairly stable over the rise and rise of the experience last year. Therefore, it is useful to keep an eye on it in the days and weeks ahead. We could set up for another interesting and profitable.

Our third choice IPMT – Imperial Petroleum Inc. There was some positive news about this company until the end, which explains why their actions deserve to be their closer. His last operation was recorded at $ 0.17 per share, but being more than 20% can see why we want to see what happens next.

Looking for penny stocks to invest in this March

On 25 February the company announced it will buy all shares e-biofuels LLC, which has obviously had an effect on their own stocks. Therefore, we recommend keeping an eye on the stock and buy it if you feel it is worth the penalty.

These represent three of penny stocks in March 2010 promising. Of course, there are many others who might be equally or more exciting to watch. But they should help you get started in a positive direction.