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My story begins in 2005. Then I was in the first year of college, and money for Cover any expenses, entertainment and other needs is not enough. Get a job I could not because he was student internal branch, and a penny stock a loader or a promoter for a penny, too, did not want to Once I got the idea – why not start working for yourself? After all, I well knew the computer was able to configure the program, the Internet and more So I decided to do this: place an ad in the newspaper with the text ‘Setting up the PC’, waited for phone calls, and to my surprise, they went very well remember my first client he came after me in the car, although he lived in another end of town. He needed a setup Windows + program to solve a few problems with the Internet. I solved these problems, he took with him about 500 rubles. This was my first salary! The first time I then sold their services! For 1.5 hours – 500 rubles? Not bad! The more that I could negotiate with clients at a time when I do not lecture! On the day I had 2-3 calls and about 1 exit to the client. I earn around 10-15 thousand rubles a month, working about 2 hours a day. For comparison, my city is still the salary of 15 thousand rubles is very good, and I was earning so much money 4-5 years ago. Besides, I got acquainted with a completely different people and expand their social circle: a customer was military, entrepreneurs, salespeople, teachers, and even had one model that has managed to save all the photos from the photo session, after accidental deletion;). click here for related details.

Many people have already annoying mention of marketing. It’s likely those people who have spent their money in hopes of getting rich, but it never happened. I cannot boast of his good experience in this area of collecting funds marketing, nothing but bitter disappointment. Time passes and much change, including marketing. When I had to arrange a visa to make money transfer to the Internet. I walked a few banks before I managed to do it. One bank demanding a bunch of different instruments, including a certificate for the last half a year in which wages should not be less than 300 dollars. Generally, I was in one of the banks to issue a card, but when if the card should be $ 100 until its closing and self-registration cost me another $ 30. One of my friends advised me, in the marketing scheme to issue MasterCard card in Germany. I was pleasantly surprised when after registering on the German website, after 3 weeks the postman brought me a map straight home and did not require a penny. I was very surprised, but confirmed and said that all was paid. The conditions were such that when I start earn money and be possible to pay for the services of people, those who created the account, send this card, then they will have charged on the cards for more than 20-30 dollars. The second nice marketing experience, I experience his spine. I’m terribly sick of spin and I was advised to go into the center of the bed for a massage.

penny stocks investments

Any stock which is traded outside of the major stock exchanges is considered a penny stock, as well as those trading on the major exchanges but are worth less than $1.00 per share.  They are common shares of small public companies, and are considered to be highly speculative investments. They are most often traded over the counter, through the OTCBB and Pink Sheets. Penny stocks are considered high risks because they are not liquid and have large bid-ask spreads. There is also small capitalization with limited following and disclosure.

Investors should be highly wary of investing in penny stocks through the internet. It is easy to create a scam to increase interest in a certain penny stock, causing investors to make purchases of the stocks at an inflated value, allowing the scammer to unload his shares at a higher, inflated, and incorrect price, leaving the shareholders behind with stocks worth much less than they paid. Because penny stock companies have low liquidity, it can be difficult to sell shares.