Apple Rush Company

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Apple Rush Company has the ticker symbol APRU in the OTC market. It is a committed to a long-term association with the Globe Newswire to broadcast information on the regular basis. Apple Rush Company manufactures one hundred percent natural juices with sparkle. It is a perfect replacement for energy drinks and sugar-based sodas and the concept was reintroduced in the year 1972. The juices come in four different flavors: Original Apple, Pomegranate, Blueberry, and Cherry. APRU decided to file all the future financial terms on proper time and used a Twitter account to let the shareholders know about the progress of the company.
The company has taken a few months to get the diligent business and made announcements on including the new business deals. The business of development, marketing, distribution and selling of products with a healthy lifestyle is promoted by the Apple Rush Company. The major focus is to include the best beverage, food, snacks and Hemp Oil (anhydrous) to the market. The sales and marketing of quality products have been sourced to get the best alternatives for the consumer and planet. The products of the company can be found in the grocery and convenience stores throughout Florida.
The share of the revenue market relies on a partnership with the esteemed brands and small distributors to directly distribute the products to the market. The alternative products along with the sale of beverages and good items are a great way to market through private label and distributors. The company was found in 1998 with headquarters in Florida (Titusville). The 52-week low and high prices are $ 0.0001- $ 0.0062 and the company has a high potential for growth in the upcoming phases. The company has got a partnership with Southern Eagle Distributing, Inc. for the reintroduction of juices within AB distribution.
The Apple Rush Company has made the patenting with Global Nutraceuticals Limited for the usage of a natural African Plant extract, Agathos-Active. The use of the researched and patented natural extract will address pain/inflammation and lifestyle diseases such as obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. It has a supernatural alternative which couldn’t be experienced. The market capitalization of the company is $ 259.623 and it is growing with the increased demand for juices. It has become an alternative product manufacturing for specialty supplements including Kava, Anhydrous Hemp oil, Kratom and other ingredients. The company’s products include private labeling, white label, and distributorship throughout the US.
Apple Rush Company is going to closely file the current reports with OTC markets and committed to revealing corporate information on regular basis. There will be announcements made for share restructuring of the new company policies. The company has been doing a lot of accomplishments in the last years and has the solid base on revenues with a positive bank balance. The addition of new customers and development of products on regular basis will build the company’s stats towards a better move. The company has assured the manufacturing of better products with large runs in an efficient and timely manner. The execution of business will help in the right establishment of stocks and give better returns.