Aurora Cannabis Inc.

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Aurora Cannabis Inc. is a Canadian licensed cannabis producer and trades on Toronto Stock Exchange. The headquarters of the company is in Vancouver, British Columbia with other offices in Toronto, Pointe-Claire, and Edmonton. Terry Booth, Chris Mayerson, and Steve Dobler are the founders of the company and it was initiated in the year 2013. The first facility of the company was established in Cremona, Alberta and the company attained a federal license in producing cannabis in the year 2014. Since then, the company is undertaking the business with excellence and leading the cannabis production for the legalized Canadian states. In January 2017, Aurora Cannabis Inc. attained a licensing from Health Canada for selling the cannabis oils for which they were given the permission for production of the respective oils in 2016.
The 52-week stats of the company show a low of $1.53 and a high of $12.30. The company has acquired several subsidiaries including
i) Pedanios Gmbh: The largest distributor of cannabis pharmacies in Germany
ii) Aurora-Larssen Projects: Global leaders in greenhouse engineering and designs
iii) BC Northern Lights: Manufacturer of Indoor Supplies
iv) CanvasRx: Canada’s largest medical cannabis patience outreach services
v) H2 Biopharma: Quebec’s late-stage ACMPR applicant
The market value of the company rose to 4.5 billion Canadian Dollar value in April’18. The company has a huge scope to grow by taking over many subsidiaries and even merging with its previous competitors. The company has recently merged with CanniMed Therapeutics. This merger has made the company a largest Canadian company with market capitalization of $7 billion. CanniMed rejected the offer of the company in November 2017 but within a few days, Aurora undertook a hostile takeover bid for CanniMed by canceling its other deals. The patient count of the company rose to a value of 40K registered cannabis patients in Canada.
In the recent news, the company made an announcement to take a friendly takeover of MedRealf with $3.2 billion stock deal. This is done with the approval of the directors of both company and there is still a formal approval to be made by the government regulators and shareholders. The company will be able to produce 570K kg of cannabis in Canada (9) and Denmark (2) operatories with its full capacity. The new company will have a value of $7 billion which would be highest in its industry. It will carry the distribution agreements in many countries in the world, including Brazil, Germany, Australia, and Italy.
Aurora Mountain was the first facility of the company and was completed in the year 2015 in Mountain View Country. The second licensed company in Quebec was acquitted in 2017 for $7 million and 40,000 sq-feet facilities. It had an indoor production facility in Pointe-Claire and named ‘Aurora Vie’. In the same year, Aurora Cannabis began the construction of an automated plant in Alberta which would produce about 100,000 kg of Cannabis on annual basis. The plant has an area of 800,000 sq-feet and the land is owned by Edmonton International Airport. There is a positive scope of the company in all the aspects and hence, the stockholders are pointing this stock for a great futuristic growth.