Canopy Growth Corporation

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Canopy Growth Corporation is the new name of the company Tweed Marijuana Inc. it is a medical marijuana company having headquarters in Ontario and was formed in 2014. Bruce Linton (Chairman) and Marc Wayne (President) were the founders of the company. The company was traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange with the symbol WEED and under New York Stock Exchange as CGC. This was listed as the first cannabis producer in NYSE.
Marijuana was legalized in Canada for medical purposes and the regulations are licensed by Health Canada under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations. The company is the prime exporter of Marijuana and supplies the products to many nations legalizing medical usage Cannabis. CGC is the parent company of the licensed subsidiaries: Tweed Farms Inc., Tweed Inc., Mettrum Health Corp. and Bedrocan Canada Inc. The vision of the company is to remain on the top list for the cannabis industries in the world. The innovative products and processes are meant for market supplies and execution in the best way for a committed cannabis provision (medical and recreational) for the best use of the end-users.
Canopy Growth became the first cannabis company in North America for trading and is the only cannabis company having a membership in the major stock market index. There was a standardized concept of Compassionate Pricing made for the affordable results to the patients and selling of a variety of seeds to the legal Canadian Sector. The company has given the accredited medical education programs to Canadian Doctors (Mainpro-M1). The export dried cannabis is exported to Germany and the subsidiary in German offers the medical products for sale to the German Pharmacies. The company has endless accomplishments in their niche and is looking for the futuristic growth with the trust of their shareholders.
Canopy Growth has a partnership agreement in Spain, Germany, and Denmark with the businesses in Chile, Brazil, Australia, Czech Republic and Jamaica. Legalization of cannabis for recreational use was approved by House of Commons in Canada in 2017 with the actual sales commencing from 2018.
Dried Flower: The Company grows the high-quality cannabis for the local and global market. The best practices are followed by the experts for cultivation, harvest, trim, packaging and cure of the products. This is helpful in the production of quality nutrients and best quality cannabis production.
Oils and concentrates: The cannabis extracts for cannabinoids contributing to the overall medicinal value of medical cannabis which can be dissolved in the carrier food oil to comply with the regulations of government. The medicinal needs through oil and concentrates are produced with the different THC and CBD ratios.
Softgel capsules: These are the most convenient solutions for those who are looking to consume cannabis in the form of a pill. The soft gels are available in different concentrations and can be taken as per the requirement of the patient.
Hemp: It is a tall and leafy plant for many end-uses. The plant contains a lower level of THC and CBD. It is very cost effective. There are acres of hemp production in Canadian home-base in Yorkton, Saskatchewan.